What to do in Ballyhornan?

Visit Ballyhornan Beach

Ballyhornan beach is a 1 minute walk from our centre! We are right on the forefront of the beautiful Irish Sea. The beach can be seen from our very own front door and is the heart of the local community.

Please remember to bring litter pickers with you to the beach and help keep the community clean and tidy. Remember ‘leave no Trace’


We have a fully equipped pioneering shed filled with spars of all sizes that can be open on request. Great activity for all ages to explore.

Please bring your own sisal – Can be provided for a fee

Coastal Walks

Ballyhornan has some amazing views and is a great place to go and explore. There are many different coastal routes for you to take and explore with your group. This activity is perfect for all age groups.

Outdoor Pizza Oven

On site we have an outdoor hand built pizza oven and a BBQ section for tasty outdoor meals.

Wood can be provided on request for a small fee

Sheltered Campfire Area

Our outdoor campfire area is under refurbishment to be a sheltered area that can be enjoyed at anytime of the year! The ongoing refurbishment will be finished Dec 2021.

Off Site activities

To view off site activities we recommend visit link below